Use PackageCompiler to produce EXE on non-VM, execute on VM gives "ERROR: Unable to find compatible target in system image"

  1. Compile on my win10 x64 desktop,
  2. Copy the .EXE to WinServer2012 x64 VM
  3. Execute the EXE on the VM I receive the error above.

I guess this is due to different CPU features or something between the 2 computers.
Any recommendations? I could probably execute LD.exe on the VM targetting the .A file generated by PackageCompiler but trying to just copy the .EXE/.DLL directly.


got the same problem with 2 Linux computers but one icore7 and other with AMD Athlon dual 64b

programs compiled with either Racket or Go have not this problem
more Julia need lot of shared lib where Go is unique stand alone bin
and Julia eat lot Memory compared to Go
(by the way I have tested the 3 dev. lang. here with stupid and useless appli. :wink:

I really like Julia language but it need a big improvement for AOT binaries

Should have spent more time researching. Found this

Fixed it by adding the parameter cpu_target=“core2” or –cpu-target=core2 depending on how you execute PackageCreator.