Use of Coveralls

I’m trying to transfer TemporalGPs.jl over to coveralls but am hitting a wall. I’ve added what I believe to be appropriate sections to my .github/workflows/ci.yml, but after tests have passed I’m not seeing any coverage reports.

If anyone has experience with coveralls and suggestions for what I might be doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate the assistance.

p.s. not sure if this is the correct venue for this kind of question – please let me know if I should post elsewhere.

It has been some time since I last added coveralls to a repo, but I seem to remember you have to manually activate the repo in coveralls. Have you already checked the settings for the repo on their website?


Hmmm yes, that might be it. I’ve played around with the settings a bit. I merged the PR and I now appear to have coverage on my badge, so I’m going to mark this resolved.