Coveralls authentication issue



Recently I tried to add coverage tests for another package of mine. When I lookup the build in Coveralls, this is what I see:

It seems that I need to give authorization somewhere, but I don’t know what exactly is missing. I don’t remember doing any additional settings for my other repositories though.

Do you know what is happening and how I can fix it?


It was very finicky for me too. Does anything show up in your Github “Authorized applications” section? I think my problem was that there were two for Coveralls, normal and pro. Among the many attempts I did, revoking the Coveralls Pro authorization seemed to do it. Honestly though, it might have been something else I did.

Setting up Travis CL, Codecov, and Coveralls was a real pain.


Thank you @Daneel, my “Authorized applications” section on GitHub looks like the following:

I guess it is something as you said. I saw two “GeoStatsImages.jl” repositories in the Coveralls webpage, but I don’t know how to fix it. If I delete the repositories in Coveralls, do they get deleted on GitHub too?


I have no idea. I’m not even totally sure what I did to make it work.


The best solution is to migrate to a better service. Codecov has many advantages over Coveralls, including better support.