Help with Coveralls

Hi guys!

I am noticing that Coveralls is not updating the information about my package, even if the Travis built has been completed successfully. The badge is still showing unknown. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Can anyone help me?

The link the the package in Coveralls is:

I don’t know if this is the correct term, but try cleaning your browser cache. Or just try another browser to check if it is updated.

Hi @favba,

I tried another browser and it still not working correctly…

What do your tests say at the very bottom? They give you a readout for whether the coverage report was successful which is different from whether the tests pass. It requires a test pass though.

Hi @ChrisRackauckas,

It seems that everything was submitted to Coveralls without problems:

Submitting data to Coveralls...
Result of submission:
{"message":"Job #24.1","url":""}

I deleted the repo and created another one and know it is working :slight_smile: