Use math symbols with Markdown.parse

I need to use Markdown.parse in Pluto in order provide links between notebooks (see this post). It is not clear to me how to use math symbols in Markdown.parse. Is that possible?

I have a related question about supporting links between notebooks in Pluto. Should they work with the md macro? Switching back and forth between Markdown.parse and md is suboptimal in my opinion. It would be great if the md macro covered all the markdown features.

With double backticks for inline maths or ```math code blocks for display equations:

The same syntax will work with both md" and Markdown.parse.\\LaTeX

Normal links do work in markdown, interpolating into the URL of a link won’t work though. If that’s what you’re asking?

Hi mike. Yeah. I was asking about interpolating the URL with the macro. The problem is that I need to link to another notebook and to use in text math symbols with Markdown.parse. Here is an example:

As you can see, it works with the md macro, but not with Markdown.parse.

$ symbols need to be escaped with a backslash \ in normal strings (that don’t have a md prefix). So you’d want to write

Some text and the \$\\tau\$ symbol

instead. All the escaping needed for that is why the backtick syntax is the recommended way to write any math in Julia’s markdown.

Excellent. Thank you for your help!