Upgrades and uninstall in Windows 10

This is perhaps a bit of a badly formed post.
I use Julia on a Windows 10 laptop (I am lucky enough to have a nice HP Spectre with a 4K display).
Twice now I have uninstalled Julia and have got into a tangle with not having the privileges to remove the Julia-X.X.X folders.
I admit that I have tried to manually remove directories after using the uninstall tool.

On this occasion I had a 0.6.0 install then installed 0.6.1
I really wanted to try that Makie graphics package with 0.6.1 however I got a strange failure with the path to Juyputer. I tried the Pkg.add method for Juyputer, but it looks like my Julia path was fouled up.
I decided to nuke the install from orbit and have ended up in the mess I have.
So I ask:

a) what happens in a point upgrade in Julia on Windows? I have both a Julia-0.6.0 and a Julia-0.6.1 folder

b) is there good practice for upgrading on Windows

c) has anyone else been able to completely delete those folders on Windows and start fresh?

Sorry to sound such an idiot. I have been managing Linux systems for 20 years, and am used to once you get superuser priviliges you can do anything" . I cannot even move these folders to another name to allow a new install.

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I am a Windows 7 user at work and I have never had a problem with uninstalling Julia from its default directory AppData\Local\Julia-0.X.X or at least, any version starting from 0.5.

For upgrading, I download the new version, install it, and use the uninstall program of the version I want to remove, which also removes its Julia directory. This still leaves the entry in the Start Menu but they are easy to delete.

As for Jupyter, when installing a new Julia version, you should must build IJulia, see GitHub - JuliaLang/IJulia.jl: Julia kernel for Jupyter.

Michael, thankyou for the reply.
In future I will rebuild IJulia following an update.