Updating HyperDualNumbers (in JuliaDiff)


Hi, I’ve been trying to update HyperDualNumbers but can’t use Attobot, maybe because I’m not an owner of JuliaDiff? I also have similar issues with appveyor.yml.

Any way around this (except maybe using the old way with forking METADATA etc)?



I’ve given you admin access to HyperDualNumbers (I thought you already had admin access, sorry!). Feel free to PM me if you run into any snags.


Thank you Jarrett!

Apparently I didn’t need admin rights to do it the old way, but Attobot is much cleaner.



Hi @jrevels, any objection to upgrade HyperDualNumbers to Pkg(3) and Julia 0.7-beta?



I’ve replied via PM; let’s continue the discussion that way so as to not spam the public list.