How do I update my package version under 1.0

Before 1.0, there was METADATA.jl and PkgDev.
With 1.0 I’m not sure how I can update the registered version of a package I’m maintaining, or how I can register a new package.
Please help?

You can keep using attobot as before, and things will keep working. You can also keep using REQUIRE for now and that will also keep working. PkgDev is being updated for 1.0 now, so the tools should improve soon.


Is there some way of getting attobot to work on gitlab? I suspect I’ll be using it more and more as time goes on. At this point the MS acquisition isn’t even my main motivation, the features of gitlab just seem to get better at a staggering rate.

(please don’t be acquired by Alphabet or Amazon, please don’t be acquired by Alphabet or Amazon, oh please, please don’t get acquired by Alphabet or Amazon)

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Thanks for the answers.
Another question though - how do I make the new package manager use the development version for my current environment?
Currently I have 2 versions locally - the one in dev/ I’m trying to upgrade to 1.0, and an older one under packages/ that doesn’t work under 1.0 but other packages try to use.

When you do dev /path/to/PackageName, it’ll use the package at the explicit path that you specified. If you are using git, if you do dev PackageName#branch it’ll pull that branch into $JULIA_DEPOT_PATH/dev and use what it pulled (if no branch is specified it’ll do master). Unless you explicitly told it to look there, the new package manager won’t even know about your old package.

I don’t know the answer to that, but you can just make a mirror of your Gitlab repo on Github and use attobot from there.