Update Julia 1.6.0 Package in Jupyter notebook

I have updated my Julia.Now i need to add my julia to Jupyter notebook
How would I do that
.Please help me in adding the julia to jupyter notebook

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Start Julia, then type the following to install the necessary packages:

add IJulia
build IJulia

That’s it. Now, when you are back at the Julia prompt, you can start the notebook like this:

using IJulia

You can find more information and the link to the documentation on the github page:


Thank you

using julia v1.6.2
macbook pro (intel chipset)

I followed the above advice, and after launching “jupyter notebook” and selecting julia 1.6.2 from jupyter pulldown - the kernel fails to start. See this before?

Are you sure IJulia is installed as a package?
If you use the command line to start, do you get an error message when you try to start a Julia kernel?

From command line, julia boots fine. It has been added to my path variable.
When i launch:

jupyter notebook

Jupyter launches fine, the julia v1.6.2 kernel is available in the pulldown, but Jupyter notes it is unable to connect, and the kernel bombs.

What happens if you launch it from the julia REPL as indicated above by @jstrube? Do you have something in startup.jl? Is this the first version of julia you try, or did you have a previous version that worked correctly?

Per those instructions:

THen going to browser (Brave) the notebook is there. The julia v1.6.2 kernel option is there. If i selected it, the kernel times out and then bombs

The most important point of installing IJulia.jl is to tell IJulia where to find the jupyter command.

In many cases, IJulia will automatically figure out where the correct jupyter command is located.

If not, assign the location of the jupyter command to ENV[“JUPYTER”] and then add IJulia or build IJulia.

julia> ENV["JUPYTER"] = "full path to the jupyter command (including the jupyter command itself)"
pkg> add IJulia
pkg> build IJulia

Quotation from Installation · IJulia :

You can force it to use a specific jupyter installation by setting ENV[“JUPYTER”] to the path of the jupyter program before Pkg.add, or before running Pkg.build(“IJulia”)

In the stuart kerr-san case:

julia> ENV["JUPYTER"] = "/Users/stuart/.julia/conda/3/bin/jupyter"
pkg> add IJulia
pkg> build IJulia
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