Unable to save pane layout

After a recent update, if I now move around/resize some panes (like REPL, Plot, workspace), after I quit atom and reopen the file, the layout would be lost; I tried unticking the option “open default panes on startup” but that would leave me with no panes at all (and not the ‘deserialized window described’). On macos, julia 1.2 with latest atom/juno/julia-client etc, no other packages. How may I fix this? Thanks!

Relevant settings:

      cursorStyle: "bar"
    firstBoot: false
    juliaOptions: {}
      enableMenu: true
      enableToolBar: true
          defaultLocation: "right"
          split: "down"
          split: "up"
          debuggerPane: true
          defaultLocation: "right"
          split: "no split"
          defaultLocation: "right"
          split: "up"
          defaultLocation: "right"
          split: "up"
          defaultLocation: "right"
          split: "up"
          defaultLocation: "right"
          defaultLocation: "right"
          split: "up"

Try turn on Open Default Panes on Startup again.
If you see openDefaultPanesOnStartUp: false under layouts scheme, you have a valid config setup.

If it doesn’t work, try reinstalling Atom with clearing all the possible cache.

I have a similar problem, where I would like to have a tab with my startup.jl always open in the top-right pane, where we can also normally find the workspace. Whenever I close Atom and open it again, the tab with startup.jl moves to the left top side, where usually all other code files are. Do you have any suggestions how this can be changed or should I just embrace it?

That’s the behaviour you should get if you disable this option:

Also, it’s worth noting that the “deserialized pane state” is per project, and IIRC Atom on MacOS opens a new project by default.

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That worked, thank you very much. I am using Windows 10 btw.