Unable to install InteractiveDynamics package

I am trying to use the “InteractiveDynamics” package for Visualizing Agents model in Julia 1.5.3. using this code:

using Agents
using Random
using AbstractPlotting

using GLMakie
using CairoMakie
using MakieGallery
using Pkg; Pkg.add(“InteractiveDynamics”)

but I get this error. I downloaded all packages needed, does it need me to upgrade my julia version?

The log tells you that MakieGallery requires an outdated version of AbstractPlotting while InteractiveDynamics needs a newer version.

If you visit the GitHub page of MakieGallery.jl, you see the following text:

MakieGallery is deprecated. Testing got moved to AbstractPlotting, and the Makie documentation contains now important examples.

So I guess you should drop MakieGallery and find out where the functions you require moved to.

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Hi, Thank you so much! the package I am after is "InteractiveDynamics”. that is why I downloaded the other packages like MakieGallery in the first place. When I use
Pkg.status(“InteractiveDynamics”) which is what the agent documentation mentions here: https://juliadynamics.github.io/Agents.jl/stable/interact/

I get this error

This works only after a successful Pkg.add("InteractiveDynamics")

If you don’t have an immediate use for MakieGallery, you should Pkg.rm("MakieGallery") and then try Pkg.add("InteractiveDynamics") again. Good luck

MakieGallery serves no purpose for end users, it was used for internal tests and the gallery of course, but now a lot of it is outdated

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with Julia 1.5.4. ( Linux )
I used:

Pkg.add(name=“AbstractPlotting”, version=“0.15.27”);
Pkg.pin(name=“AbstractPlotting”, version=“0.15.27”)