Unable to build SCIP

Hi, I am unable to install SCIP package 0.9.4 and receiving the following error.

add SCIP@v0.9.4
Updating registry at C:\Users\usman\.juliapro\JuliaPro_v1.4.2-1\registries\JuliaPro
Resolving package versions…
Installed SCIP ─ v0.9.4
Updating C:\Users\usman\.juliapro\JuliaPro_v1.4.2-1\environments\v1.4\Project.toml
[82193955] + SCIP v0.9.4
Updating C:\Users\usman\.juliapro\JuliaPro_v1.4.2-1\environments\v1.4\Manifest.toml
[82193955] + SCIP v0.9.4
Building SCIP → C:\Users\usman\.juliapro\JuliaPro_v1.4.2-1\packages\SCIP\ulrLy\deps\build.log
┌ Error: Error building SCIP:
│ ERROR: LoadError: Unable to locate SCIP installation. Tried:

│ libscip.dll: could not load library “libscip.dll”
│ The specified module could not be found.

│ Note that this must be downloaded separately from scip.zib.de.
│ Please set the environment variable SCIPOPTDIR to SCIP’s installation path.

I have already installed the SCIPoptsuite at this location C:\Program Files\SCIPOptSuite 7.0.1. However, while building SCIP, i am receiving the above-mentioned error. The package cannot locate the SCIP installation.

Can someone tell me how to resolve this issue? Apparently, it seems that SCIPOptSuite and SCIP package installations are at 2 different locations.

Try the suggestions in Setting environment variables for a package "SCIP"