Ugly stacktraces in IJulia in 1.6

I wasn’t sure if this is better an IJulia or a Julia (or even Jupyter) issue, so posting here for comments / ideas.

The new 1.6 stack traces are beautiful and so much easier to read (thanks!), but because in IJulia they get printed to stderr and because Jupyter seems to choose to print stderr with no formatting and surrounded with eye-sore red, you basically lose all that awesomeness as compared to if they were printed to stdout. E.g. compare:

This is less an issue for <1.6 where you didn’t have this nice formatting, but I’m wondering if on 1.6 there’s some way improve the IJulia experience? Maybe it could make the opinionated decision to just print stack traces to stdout? Or maybe there’s a way to style the stderr ones? Or even maybe there’s something we could already put in startup.jl that could do this and let the user choose? (I haven’t figured anything out)