Trying to write a package and cannot update it


I have a created simple package, I do not want it to use github.

So I have created it, and used Pkg dev function to add it to the project
everything was fine till I added a new function to the package.

I have updated the version number in the package toml file.
and used the dev to get it in my main project and it seems fine:

dev .\TitleProcess
Resolving package versions…
Updating C:\Projects\julia\Project.toml
[f55b3f19] ~ TitleProcess v0.2.2 TitleProcess ⇒ v0.2.3 TitleProcess
Updating C:\Projects\julia\Manifest.toml
[f55b3f19] ~ TitleProcess v0.2.2 TitleProcess ⇒ v0.2.3 TitleProcess

however I cannot use the new function added - I get
ERROR: UndefVarError: cleaner not defined

The odd thing is that if I try to debug the script everything works and the “missing” function is found and running fine

Any clue what went wrong ?

It doesn’t look like you are tracking a path, if you use Pkg.develop you should see the path to your project in the status output. Perhaps you used Pkg.add instead (which checks out the latest commit)?

Is it possible that your didn’t export the function from the module? Easiest way to check is to try TitleProcess.function_name(). (I ask because I have confused myself this way multiple times)

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And in case the error persists, can you post the code for TitleProcess?