Julia 0.7/1.0: How to test dev packages


I’m having some troubles in testing a package I’m developing.

I have the current official version of the package taken from git repository (using “add” command), stored in `.julia/packages/MyPackage.

I also downloaded MyPackage for development (using “dev” command), which is stored locally in .julia/dev/MyPackage, and I modified it.
I want to test the modified package.

The point is that the line

using Mymodule 

in test/runtests.jl is calling the older version of the package stored in .julia/packages, and not the one in the working directory.
Probably I don’t fully understand the new package manager.

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I think you may have freeed the package again, it then uses the .julia/packages/MyPackage. What happens if you first dev MyPackage and then test MyPackage?


@mauro3’s suggestion is the right way to fix the problem. For diagnosing this kind of problem, it may be handy to pointing out the existence of pathof:

help?> pathof
search: pathof


  Return the path of m.jl file that was used to import module m, or nothing if m was not imported from a package.

  Use dirname to get the directory part and basename to get the file name part of the path.
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pkg> status should also show you a path to where it is loaded from if it is devved.

following @mauro3 suggestion, I tried to do dev MyPackage, with the following error:

ERROR: expected a 'name' entry in project file at .julia/dev/MyPackage/Project.toml

and then I realized that the lines:

name = "MyPackage"
uuid = "....."

were missing in Project.toml file!
That’s because I didn’t create a new package using “generate MyPackage”, but I downloaded an already existing package to modify it. And this package was created with a previous version of Julia (0.6) and originally had not the Project.toml file.
That’s what apparently caused the problem!

Thank you all for your help and suggestions!




Glad you worked it out!