Trying to use Dash DataTable

Hi there,

I’m simply trying to display a table on my dashboard, thank to DashTable.
But yet it doesn’t seem really adapted to Julia.
Could someone enlight me on this point?

df = DataFrame(A =["Sunny", "Snowy"],
    B= [13, 43])

app = dash_datatable()

app.layout =  html_div() do
        name = ???)


Many thanks

Hello and welcome!
The Docstrings can be a bit tricky to understand, but most of the functionality mimics the Python version:

	html_div(id="table1", style=(width=default_width,backgroundColor="#dbe4f0 ", border="4px solid LightSteelBlue",hidden=false),
	DashTable.dash_datatable(id="table", editable=true,
	columns = [(name="fruits", id="fruits"),(name="vegetables", id="vegetables")],
		data = [
		    Dict("fruits" => "apple", "vegetables" => "tomato"),
		    Dict("fruits" => "orange", "vegetables" => "onion")
            style_cell = (textAlign="center",fontSize=16)

Notice how the data Dicts entries must have the same name as the header columns names.

Many thanks your answer, it works correctly!
I’m now stuck trying to give a title tot this datatable. Digging in the doc but nothing about this point :frowning:

You could simply make a header on top. Something like:

html_h1("Table title", style=(textAlign = "left", fontSize=20))

I think you can also trick it by using multiple headers:

Just what I was going to write! :wink:

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As you seem to be connected, any idea of why style_cell is not taking account of my arguments?
But it’s work correctly when there is only one argument

    html_div(id="table2", style=(backgroundColor="#dbe4f0 ", border="4px solid LightSteelBlue",hidden=false,width = "20%",display = "inline-block",autosize = true, margin = "1em"),
                    columns = [Dict("name" => "A", "id"=> "first"),Dict("name"=>"B", "id"=>"second")],
                    data = dh,
                    style_cell = ("textAlign" => "center","fontSize" => 16)

I updated my example. You need to either use dictionaries or named tuples(my example uses named tuples for style). In your case you supplied a “pair”: this is a component of a Dict, but not the Dict itself.