Trying to pay for a Julia pair programmer


I have a proof of concept I want to work out that involves some metaprogramming and cassette.jl. I like pair programming and am having a hard time motivating myself and think it would be a lot more fun if I could get some help.

The project involves setting up a system of memoized recursive functions that can easily clear their caches or perform summary statistics on their cache. Current plan is to use overdub prehooks to clear the cache when functions are newly run, and to track cached values in the context. Similar to example from cassette documentation.

I set up an OpenCollective to fund some actuarial open source stuff and haven’t found a good use for it - Actuarial Open Source Community - Open Collective, so the idea is that I can pay someone to work through some metaprogramming/cassette stuff with me.

I am happy to pay $50 an hour for someone that is experienced with metaprogramming and can help me get a proof of concept set up.

edit: I am working right now in U.S. central so I’d like to code about 4 hours a week on the weekends or after work if anyone is up for it.

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Is “whatever you are doing” multi-thread Safe or is it just single threaded?

I am trying to project a portfolio of policies across time steps. I would guess that there would be multi-threading automatically on some broadcasted multiplications, but I don’t plan on implementing any threading stuff by hand.

Did not know there was such an open source actuarial community, it’s nice to know. I would love to contribute some of my codes and include them in the community page, is there a standard way of doing this ? If you have current --open source—actuarial projects that need contributions, I might also be willing to help.

I am sure you’ll find someone to help you on this !

I got a PM from a pretty experienced programmer so I’m hoping it works out.

I just added Copulas.jl to the landing page for the LinkedIn group -

@Alec_Loudenback set up a JuliaActuary organization - JuliaActuary · GitHub. He is pretty responsive and has been working on this for a while. This org has EconomicScenarioGenerators.jl which uses copulas in the docs. Probably the best place to contribute Julia code.

The LinkedIn page and associated github org were set up by Fumito Hamamura who developed a Python package called LifeLib. I will probably put the code for this project in the actuarialopensource org because it is inspired by Fumito’s work.

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