Travis slowdown?

I am experiencing long (3h+) queue times on Travis CI for recent open source builds, despite status being ostensibly 100%.

I am wondering if I missed something, thought I would ask here before contacting them.


I think there was a period today in which some queues got stuck!
I had a couple of jobs stuck as well, but restarting them later made them execute immediately!


seems like a similar issue is causing a general slowdown of registry automerges, it’s now been stuck on ElectronTests for ~1h :confused: and it was reportedly stuck on MaxMinFilters before (though likely unrelated to the actual package).

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Thanks. Unfortunately restarting was a partial success: some jobs executed immediately, while some (in the same PR) have been stuck for hours.

It’s a free service so I am not complaining, just wanted to know if it was a general phenomenon.