Pluto in Vscode

First of all, I would like to thank to all VS Code julia extension developers.

I know about the effort to bring julia jupyter notebook into VScode and I think it will be awesome (once finished).

Recently, I came across Pluto.jl project, which is written in julia and the notebook is saved as simple julia code with some cell info.

I wonder if it would be easy to bring Pluto notebooks to VScode? With inline graphs, markdown cells etc.


I think @fonsp has some plans in that direction, but it’s not entirely clear what route will be best to go down :wink: And of course, once decided, it will take some time to get it to work!

We talked about this for quite a bit. VSCode will definitely support Pluto in one way or another at some point.


I just watched the Pluto.jl Juliacon talk, really awesome!

I think the best option there would be to have a separate VS Code extension for Pluto.jl, that ideally uses the (maybe much expanded) API that the Julia extension exposes to use the same configuration etc.?


Sorry for bringing this topic back but is there any news on this?


I came across a Google summer of code project related to this feature. I could not find more information.


Pluto in VSCode would be so awesome!


Agreed. They are differents solutions. Pluto is amazing for data exploratory tasks, and vscode, for writing packages. We need two extensions to support this types of developments.