Random OPEN Julia publications / thesis / scholar papers / pre-prints

**Random - Julia related OPEN publications / thesis / scholar papers / pre-prints **

If you find an “open” AND not yet in the list: https://julialang.org/research/ THEN just add this thread!

Please add some text, keywords, title, code repo, … ( it is better for searching )

Master Thesis: “A Revision of Procedural Knowledge In the conML Framework” ;

  • by: Florian Peter Große ; Leipzig, den 1. Juni 2021 ;
  • keywords: machine learning, constructivist machine learning, hybrid AI, conML, ML, AI
  • Link → pdf download link on the bottom.

“What Questions Do Developers Ask About Julia?”

Thesis: “Approaches to Improve the Execution Time of a Quantum Network Simulation”

arxiv “NQCDynamics.jl: A Julia Package for Nonadiabatic Quantum Classical Molecular Dynamics in the Condensed Phase” [Submitted on 25 Feb 2022]

Arxiv: “Holographic Bubbles with Jecco: Expanding, Collapsing and Critical” [Submitted on 21 Feb 2022]

“TrackMatcher—A tool for finding intercepts in tracks of geographical positions”

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code: https://github.com/ypaul21/Clapeyron.jl

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