Timeline for Julia 1.0

I am following closely the development of 1.0. Any news on when it will be finally launched?

I need to know this for a project I am working on.


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The official 1.0 milestone is here, and there’s an weekly, open-to-the-public-as-space-allows triage call that aggressively curates, discusses, and plans work around that milestone list (see the #triage channel in the official julia slack). I try to drop in as I’m able, but my impression is that things are getting pretty close, like only a couple of weeks before the milestone list is finished and official alpha/release-candidate is made (which would then be a few more weeks of iteration on bugs/performance before an official release).

This is all my own personal opinion, so take it w/ a grain of salt, but that’s how I see things (from someone who follows master pretty closely).