This month in Julia world - 2024-04

To my surprise, this newsletter is now running for a whole year…

A monthly newsletter, mostly on julia internals, digestible for casual observers. A biased, incomplete, editorialized list of what I found interesting this month, with contributions from the community.

“Internals” Fora and Core Repos (Slack/Zulip/Discourse/Github):

Core Julia Repos:

  • Upgrading Julia’s LLVM backend to v17 is almost finished.
  • Get ready for another bikeshedding session as we are discussing the potential for creating anonymous “get property” functions (e.g. .foo as shorthand for x -> Check out the PR.
  • The “Performance Tips” section of the documentation has finally been structured to reflect the main categories of advice, see the new docs and the PR

In search of contributors and new maintainers:

Ecosystem Fora, Maintenance, and Colab Promises (Slack/Zulip/Discourse/Github):

Notes from other ecosystems:

Soapboxes (blogs/talks):

  • A great thorough primer on Automatic Differentiation in Julia.
  • Consider subscribing to the French community newsletter (much of the shared materials are in English).
  • Consider subscribing to the community calendar to be informed of upcoming virtual meetings and talks.
  • Consider attending the triage meetings of the julia core contributors (organized on slack) – being a fly on the wall can be a great way to learn the nitty-gritty details of current priorities and development work. These are organized on the triage channel in slack.


Please feel free to post below with your own interesting finds, or in-depth explanations, or questions about these developments.

If you would like to help with the draft for next month, please drop your short, well formatted, linked notes in this shared document. Some of it might survive by the time of posting.


Yet another really good newsletter. Thank you!


Thanks @Krastanov I really love your newsletters!


I NEED the Space Invaders REPL. How to enable?

using WatchJuliaBurn
# then press the space bar (twice?)

It is like any other REPL mode. ] for pkg mode, ; for shell mode, ? for help mode,      for space invader mode

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Got excited there for a moment to see the new algebraic data types in ADTypes.jl.
Not that the actual package isn’t good.

The really interesting part is the stuff we can do with ADTypes.jl + DifferentiationInterface.jl

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Space invader mode! Best feature this month!
One space is enough, since no reasonable Julia command starts with a space (nor ] nor ; hence they are all mode characters). :watch: :julia: :fire:!


This is in Slack, could you copy and paste it here (or somewhere accessible without an account)?


Julia packages mentioned in the “well documented packages” Slack thread:

  • Documenter.jl
  • Makie.jl
  • BSplineKit.jl
  • Agents.jl
  • Franklin.jl
  • Supposition.jl
  • DataFrames.jl
  • Tidier.jl
  • ChainRulesCore.jl
  • JuMP.jl
  • DifferentialEquations.jl
  • JuliaFormatter.jl
  • Term.jl
  • Infiltrator.jl
  • Zygote.jl
  • Manopt.jl
  • DocumenterCitations.jl
  • DocumenterInterLinks.jl
  • DocInventories.jl
  • DrWatson.jl
  • OhMyThreads.jl
  • FastAI.jl
  • Oceananigans.jl
  • Luxor.jl

Sidenote: Also mentioned in the thread is extended help (point 11 of here), which I didn’t know about till now =).


Thank you @Krastanov
I cannot access About

About.jl isn’t registered, so it’s not on JuliaHub. Discourse here auto-links to packages in an aspirational manner — if something looks kinda like a registered package it’ll auto-link to it assuming it is. It’s not perfect, but it’s a 90% sort of solution.

I’ve edited the post to manually link to the git repo instead.