[ANN] BayesianTomography.jl - A Julia package for Bayesian quantum state tomography


I’m pleased to announce the package BayesianTomography.jl. As the name suggests, its aim is to perform Quantum State Tomography using Bayesian inference.

The basic ideia is that the outcomes of a quantum experiment define a posterior distribution in the space of quantum states. Then, in a certain sense, the best possible point prediction for the state that produced our results is the mean of this posterior. We utilize a Metropolis Adjusted Langevin Algorithm (MALA) to perform the sampling.

I have also written a documentation explaining the usage of the package. The basic usage can be seen here. There is also a section explaining the theory (there is a nice animation there, go check it out :wink:). We also expose the docstrings of every defined function.

I hope you find this package useful. Any doubts/suggestions/contributions are extremely welcome!