The last step in publishing the docs

A miracle happened and my module, including the documentation, successfully passed through Travis. My joy is clouded just by the fact that I can’t find the documentation anywhere, at least not where I expect it to be published.

Instead, Travis tells me:

* [new branch]  master -> upstream/master
fatal: 'upstream/gh-pages' is not a commit and a branch 'gh-pages' 
cannot be created from it. Switched to a new branch 'gh-pages'
[gh-pages (root-commit) 40086dc]. Initial empty commit for docs.

But then Travis creates all the doc-files and says:

remote: Create a pull request for 'gh-pages' on GitHub by visiting:        

Indeed at this address there are the doc files and I am invited to “Compare changes”; on the other hand it tells me “There isn’t anything to compare. master and gh-pages are entirely different commit histories.”

Please help me: how do I get the docs through Travis to where I expected them?

Do you have a link to the Travis logs? Is the repository not public? is a 404 for me. Did you enable gh-pages for the repo? If you go to do you see the pushed files?


has a working template for everything. Either compare your files to the template, or you can generate an example with the correct names and then just diff.


After some more attempts the problem solved itself, unfortunately without me being able to say what exactly the error was. Many thanks for the help!

Github pages updates are not always instantaneous–their servers can take some time to propagate your updates through to the public internet (and I’ve found that the speed at which this happens is pretty variable). It’s possible that you did everything right and github was simply being slow.