The deal with the light bulbs?

This is my first time using (VS) Code. I opened a directory that contains a few Julia files, and while browsing a file I often notice a small yellow light bulb symbol to the left of some line of code. It displays the text “Show code actions”, or something like that, and disappears when clicked on.

How is that supposed to be interpreted? Is there a bug here somewhere?

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There should be a menu opening when you press it. Do you have an example file where this doesn’t work?

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I think this happens with any file, because this reproducer is trivial (the entire file is just a one-line function):

f() = Dict()

It seems to appear for most lines when I click on any character in the line. When I click on the light bulb, it just disappears.

I have Code 1.71.0 with Julia 1.8.1 and the extension is 1.7.10 (the latest available in the Open VSX registry).


That sounds like an issue with your VS Code install then. Do those light bulbs work in other languages?

Here’s what you should be seeing: