Icons in WORKSPACE in Activity Bar in VS Code

When I look at my WORKSPACE in the Activity Bar when running Julia in VS Code, I see that the modules, functions, types, data of different types, etc., have icons to the left of their name. I can figure out most of these, but was wondering if there is a table somewhere that explains what each of these different icons are? I have been trying to explain this to students.

is the closest to an overview table.

@pfitzseb, thanks for this information. I went through the code for the trees.jl file and also that for VSCodeServer more generally. Is there some place where I can find a table showing what the icons for “symbol-variable”, etc. actually look like? I searched for any sort of image files, but did not find anything. It is certainly possible I missed something.

Thanks, Dale

Note that these will look different if you install a product icon theme.

Many thanks!