Term.jl color scheme for light background

The default colors in Term.jl are clearly designed for a dark background terminal:

Does anyone have a good Term.jl color scheme for a white background terminal?

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Hmmm… looking at the package code, it seems there are lots of hardcoded colors that aren’t even part of the colorscheme: Support white background terminals · Issue #156 · FedeClaudi/Term.jl · GitHub

While Term.jl looks like an amazing library, I really take issue with the modern fad of everyone using dark background terminals and baking that in as an assumption. Julia itself is very guilty of this. Please do not design terminal applications assuming the user will have a dark background!


Indeed, it’s something I always have to remind myself to do - “check for both light and dark backgrounds”.

Julia seems to allow for colour customization - The Julia REPL · The Julia Language -…

Yes, but Julia also still hardcodes colors (especially in Pkg), see my comments on the relevant issue: color scheme support · Issue #41435 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

I considered trying to work on a fix in Add namedstyle argument to printstyled by goerz · Pull Request #41910 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub, but I guess I ultimately just learned to live with it and didn’t pursue it any further


Hey folks,

I know this discussion is a bit old at this point, but I just wanted to point out that Term.jl now has a default light theme available and lots of customization options to create your own theme.
This happen after @goerz opened an issue on the repo, so thank you for getting that started.

Hope you find it useful, and if you make your own theme and you’re happy with the color scheme I’d love to see it and perhaps add it to a library of themes to distribute among users :pray:


Thanks so much! Sorry for disappearing on this issue, I just got super busy with other things…

Next time I do something where I’m using Term.jl, I’ll make PRs for anything that might need improvements on a light background.

In any case, your work on this and your responsiveness are absolutely amazing! :+1::+1: