Julia and xterm Issue with Text Coloring

I’m having an issue with text coloring in only one aspect:


This is the same using Pkg.status("Xyz") from the standard Julia prompt.

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Have you tried other terminals? Julia works fine for me in xfce4-terminal and gnome-terminal, with and without tmux.

Also, sharing your xterm settings could make this easier to reproduce.

I’d suggest using a not broken colorscheme (i.e. one that has a properly set “light black” color).

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Well, there is no “light black” it must be supposed to be “light grey”? These colors are not broken outside of Julia.

Also a .Xdefaults file for this installation has not been created, so assuming that there are default settings only which I’m not accustomed to generating. Here is apres XTerm xterm


Well, that color is called differently in different places (Julia calls it :light_black in printstyled) , so … probably?

Sure they are – Julia just uses your terminal’s default colorscheme. Check e.g. what

for (( i = 30; i < 38; i++ )); do echo -e "\033[0;"$i"m Normal: (0;$i); \033[1;"$i"m Light: (1;$i)"; done

returns; ideally, all colors should be legible:

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This has to do with the selection of the text being washed out by a light background. I don’t know what you mean by broken colors? This is not an issue in any other terminal programs. I simply need to change how Julia presents the text for update.

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The fix is actually just:

> julia --color=no

It would be nice not to necessarily have to turn all the colors off just to check Pkg.status().



As I said before, this is just a question of your terminal style.

To be certain this issue is not resolved by changing my OSs system defaults.

There is this: https://docs.julialang.org/en/latest/stdlib/REPL/#Customizing-Colors-1