Tensor decompositions in Julia

I was wondering if there is a package for tensor decomposition was in Julia–hopefully the package is differentiable as well for ML. I am talking about CP-decompositions and Tucker decompositions to start. I actually would like to try some tensor regression as well. I was thinking of something akin to the Tensorly project in python if that helps.

I found a few posts on this topic, but they are pretty old.

One user used the TensorDecompositions.jl package, but that has not been updated in 6 years.

Tullio.jl seems good, but then it seems I would need to code the tensor decomposition myself. That is fine, but since I am new to tensor decompositions it would be nice to have a reference implementation to compare against.

Finally, the TensorOperations.jl package indicates that it is for tensor contractions-similar to Tullio, however I did not see any reference to tensor decomposition, etc.