Taija - Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Julia

Are you working on explainable, interpretable, responsible, robust or secure Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science in Julia?

Then you may be interested in Taija :dog:

Taija stands for “Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Julia”. It’s a new GitHub organisation and hopefully a first step towards building a community of Julia developers and users who are interested in promoting Trustworthy AI practices.


As of now, Taija is really just a small collection of loosely connected packages that are all geared towards Trustworthy AI. They are my first Julia projects and the main product of the first 18 months of my PhD in Trustworthy AI. My research has focused on Counterfactual Explanations, Algorithmic Recourse and Probabilistic ML. But there is, of course, much more to Trustworthy AI and I am sure that many of you have made contributions that fall under this broad umbrella term (ExplainableAI.jl, ShapML.jl, …). Having a GitHub organisation dedicated to this broad field seems like a good way for us to self-organise and collaborate.


As the world is busy coming to terms with ChatGPT and the Julia community strives towards building a fully-fledged AI ecosystem, we should also address the inherent risks and challenges associated with this progress. In many ways, I think this community is already on good track. A few examples that come to my mind:

  • Julia strikes me as a uniquely transparent language (I’m thinking of how transparent and accessible Flux.jl is, for example).
  • A lot of great work is being done on Probabilistic, Causal and Symbolic AI.
  • The community aims to be diverse, inclusive and respectful towards all of its members.
  • The community embraces and propels interdisciplinary research (e.g. this), which avoids echo chambers.
  • We have a JuliaCon 2023 keynote talk coming up by none other than Rumman Chowdhury.

I hope we can keep this going and ensure that we can understand and tame the tools that we all build and use.


I’ve initially set up the organisation to better organise my Julia packages (and at this point it’s nothing more than that). With that done, I’d like to invite anyone who’s interested to join and contribute in whatever shape or form. You can become followers, members or owners depending on the extent to which you’d like to get involved. If this is for you, feel free to just reach out to me directly or comment below. If you have any suggestions as to what Taija should (or shouldn’t) strive to be, I’d love to hear about it! Also if you have experience with Julia GitHub Organisations and have any advice to share, I’d much appreciate it.