How to show the row numbers inside the Julia Table in VSCode?

How can I show the rows indices inside the Julia Table in VSCode? I can only see the columns indices, as shown below. For now, I’m using this trick: x = [1:length(x) x], but I’m wondering if there is a better/default method that I should use, without of course using external packages such as DataFrames. Thank you!

Do not find VS Code Julia table display very useful, specially for large tables.
For whatever it is worth, the following vdisp() function displays tables in a VS Code pane, adding a first column for the row numbers that display as integers even if the data have different type.

NB: PrettyTables.jl is much better looking and for large tables there is BrowseTables.jl

vdisp(d) = vscodedisplay(Any[1:size(d,1) d])

using Random

d = rand(7,5)
e = rand('a':'z',7,5)
f = [randstring(5) for _ in 1:7, _ in 1:5]


Thank you for your help, rafael.guerra.