System data in different formats in PowerModels.jl


I’m using PowerModels.jl to study different power flow methods. However, for a specific system that I’m studying, I don’t have all the data in a single file. Also, the system’s data files I have are in different formats.

I’d like to know if it is possible to read, for example, only bus data from a file, and only transformer data from a different file, and store these data in a single PowerModels dict.


Hi @Mariana

In theory there is nothing that should stop you from combining data from different sources to make a single data-dict that PowerModels can use. After building the dict you may want to run correct_network_data! to check that the Dict you have created meets some basic data consistency requirements assumed by PowerModels.

Getting the data into Julia is an orthogonal challenge. The data parsers (Matpower and PSSE) make a number of validity checks as the read in, which will likely preclude reading incomplete data. You might make your own version of these parsers that are more flexible to suit your needs.

Some other thoughts that come to mind,

  • The Matpower extension feature may help you combine data into a common Matpower file.
  • The PowerSystem package may help you combine data from different sources
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Thanks very much, @ccoffrin !