PowerModels.jl building a data dictionary

I am using PowerModels.jl and PowerModelsAnnex.jl. Are there any helper functions available to build the PowerModels.jl data dictionary? I have an excel / csv file with the relevant data for the test case, which I would like to create the dictionary with.

Is it also possible to add additional fields to this dictionary?


There are no helper functions per se, you can have a look at this file for an example of how to convert Matpower data,

Julia has very nice syntax for building arrays and dictionaries with comprehensions, so I am not sure there would be a lot of value in adding some other helper functions, but I am open to suggestions.

If your data is in CSVs, you can probably use readdlm or CSV.jl to read the file in and with a few dict comprehensions setup the PowerModels data dict.

A basic specification is discussed here, https://lanl-ansi.github.io/PowerModels.jl/stable/network-data/

Thank you @ccoffrin! .

perhaps a helper function, that could load appropriately named xlsx sheets (such as named gen, branch or shunt etc) or csv files and load the inputs into a power models. Perhaps I may have a go and see if there is a useful addition I could load up to PowerModelsAnnex.

Great! An example CSV reader would be a great contribution to PowerModelsAnnex.

@ccoffrin Just one query - on the data specification illustrated on the website, are the sub fields listed in the dictionary the ones that are mandatory? And I presume that further fields can also be added as optional fields?

Many thanks for your assistance!

What is mandatory depends on what type of problem you want to solve, PF, OPF, ect. I would start with filling that data that you have and just leave everything else out. You should see an error if some required data was missing. Yes, you are free to add optional fields.