[ANN] PowerSystems.jl Data structures in Julia to enable power systems analysis

I am happy to announce the release of PowerSystems.jl 1.0. After 3 years under development, we are sharing the news of the first release.

The primary motivation is to provide model agnostic data structures that incentivize separation between the data processing code and the modeling code.

This is a package to organize and manipulate data for the study of energy systems with diverse modeling requirements. This software serves two main purposes: to reduce the burden of large power system data set development and to promote reproducible research and simulation. PowerSystems.jl implements an abstract hierarchy to represent and customize power systems data and includes data containers for quasi-static and dynamic simulation applications. Key features include efficient management of large quantities of time series data, optimized serialization, and comprehensive validation capabilities.

The main features of PowerSystems.jl include:

  • Comprehensive and extensible library of data structures for electric systems modeling.
  • Large scale data set development tools based on common text-based data formats (PSS/e .raw and .dyr, and MATPOWER) and configurable tabular data (e.g. CSV) parsing capabilities.
  • Optimized container for component data and time series supporting serialization to portable file formats and configurable validation routines.

PowerSystems provides the data management tools for other modeling packages under development as part of NREL’s SIIP initiative https://github.com/NREL-SIIP.

For examples on how to use the package to build your data sets and model check the Power Systems SIIP Examples Repository