Swap two cells in Pluto

In colab, I can switch the location of two cells by pressing up or down arrows.

Is there an equivalent way to do so in Pluto?

I would really like to do so in order to restructure the order of my notebook.

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If you put your cursor along the left edge of the cell, do you see an icon indicating you can drag & drop the cell?


Yes, and you can also select multiple cells with the mouse to drag an drop on the same notebook or on a different notebook.


@juliohm, can we have more than one Pluto notebook running simultaneously on the same computer?

Yes @VivMendes , you just need to click on the Pluto.jl logo on the top left to go back to the main Pluto page to start as many notebooks as you wish. Each notebook is a browser tab.

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@juliohm, Uhauu, that is great. I have been using Pluto for quite some time but missed that little trick. Yes, opening it up in a new tab allows us to have as many notebooks running as we wish.