Neptune: how to execute the whole notebook / all its cells?

Hi , I use Neptune (it is terrific for debugging some workflows). From time to time I would like to rerun all the cells in the notebook. Currently I have to go to every single cell an rerun it individually (point and click etc). This feels suboptimal.

is there a key shortcut to achieve a

  • rerun all cells
  • execute notebook


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I must admit I do not know about neptune, but in Pluto you can select all cells by using the Ctrl+A (or Cmd+A) since a long time.

If Neptune’s fork happened after this was introduced it might work also there.

If that works you can then use the shift+enter to execute all selected cells (again, not sure if these were introduced only after neptune was forked)

Thanks for your help! Ctrl+A then Shift+Enter did the trick!