Support wanted/needed for alternative platforms? E.g. Haiku, what's needed?

My “issue” was closed (I’m ok with that; and was ok with open just as a tracker/discussion on what’s needed) with:

This is better suited for discourse. I don’t think this is the right place to bring up these platforms - since it is unlikely that Julia dependencies work

It just seemed to me Haiku support might be doable (with e.g. OpenBLAS adding support for it).

I’m not pushing for support for that or any OS (Solaris…); it would only make Julia slightly more portable. It’s mostly that other languages can claim better support, e.g. Haiku claims Perl, Python and Ruby. I don’t want users to overlook Julia because of lack of support…

To make this a little more, general, I know of Android/iOS and WebAssembly support status.

You opened another “will Julia run on…” topic recently where you did not participate in any of the subsequent discussion:

I wonder if this one is going anywhere. It was made pretty clear that running Julia on other hardware and OSs than currently supported would require a lot of ongoing work even when it is theoretically feasible. Are you seriously considering to provide this, or do you know someone who does?

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I was seriously thinking of using Julia for a new kind of drone that’s in development in Iceland (but was asking for regular drones). And I know it likely could be done without any changes to Julia, was just curious if anyone had already did if for any kind of drone.

I’m sorry, I do ask such questions (that seems related to you) and no, I do not have any plans for Haiku, or to provide support for (the prototype drone uses Linux; and only hard-real-time OS on the microcontroller where Julia wouldn’t need to run; I think).

Thinking about it, there may not be much point to support [GUI] apps for Haiku (done in Julia), and WebAssembly (and/or JS) is going to support all platforms to fill that need.