Support for 0.7 in JuliaBox?

Hello, I am new to JuliaBox and I want to try some of my 0.6 code in 0.7 to see if it still runs correctly so I can decide whether or not to update. Is there 0.7 support somewhere I cannot see because I can only create a new file in julia 0.6 or 1.0 as of right now.

Unfortunately, It’s unlikely that we will support 0.7 on JuliaBox. Not only is the maintainance burden very high, the biggest cause of startup time on Juliabox is the size of the disk images. So adding support for another version is not on the cards.

To run on 0.7, you only option is to download it from Download Julia

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Okay thank you, do you know if it is easily possible to run multiple julia versions on one computer or are there complications associated with that?

Yes, it’s totally possible to run multiple Julia versions on the same computer. Julia will store all of your v0.6 packages separately from your 0.7 packages, so they should not interfere. I currently have Julia 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, and 1.0 all installed on the same computer (I swear there’s a good reason…) and it’s not an issue.