Can I have two different Julia versions simultaneously?

I’m using Julia v1.0 on Windows and want to use also v1.1 too, and maybe v0.7 to test which one works better (with different versions of Visual Code or Jupyter)

Is it safe to do it?
Or when I change settings or install packages on any of them it could produce errors on the other one?

They are totally separate AFAICT. I do it all the time.


julia-repl in Emacs even has support for switching between executables (C-c C-v) and multiple instances for each (C-c C-s).

Can the two versions of Julia be run on the same computer even for the old version 0.6.4?
I read somewhere that maybe below 0.7 is a problem. I have now julia 1.3, and 1.1 and all is ok. Can I safely install 0.6.4?

Yes, you can.

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