JuliaBox support for 0.7 / 1.0?


I am planning my courses for the next semester and would like to know if there is a deadline for having support for Julia 1.0 on JuliaBox ?



Thank you for bringing this up, I would also like to give a workshop soon and would love to have Julia 1.0 on juliabox.com for this.



@viralbshah [2018-08-22 09:09]

Hopefully by next week. We need enough dependent packages and some infrastructure updates to all go in.

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Any update on that?

By the way, I hope the support for 0.6 would last for a while, as there is quite a lot of packages have not fully supported 0.7/1.0 yet.

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Any update here? @xorJane mentioned in her last intro to julia youtube tutorial that the next intro will be on 1.0. Does that mean we can expect JuliaBox to support 1.0 by the end of the month?

See JuliaBox Update

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Thank you, I somehow didn’t see that.

You could also give nextjournal.com a try.
It nicely packs your code into shareable & reproducible docker container, and you can immediately publish your notebook as an article.
There are also lots of different base articles, that you can remix - and have a certain set of packages pre-installed, precompiled and tested:

https://nextjournal.com/sdanisch/flux-gpu-remix <- you even get a gpu box :slight_smile:
https://nextjournal.com/mk/julia-1.0 <- how to build your own julia

Anyone can write + publish their own base article like this, so you can expect a growing number of Julia’s ecosystem packaged up like this.

You can also import existing IJulia notebooks!

invite code: juliacon



It’s looking really nice! Looking forward to the sdanisch/interact-webvisualize-remix template :slight_smile:

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