Suggestion for keyboard/pointer bundle for someone that doesn't like the mouse?

Hello, I don’t like using the mouse and struggling to find a replacement for my needs. I use mostly the keyboard to code or to write, but I am still using graphical inputs substantially (I am not a vim/emacs user :wink: ).

I like a lot the trackpoint because it is just there at the centre of the keyboard, but the only keyboard that has it (a Lenovo ThinkPad keyboard from where I am writing) is relatively small and the mini-usb cable tends to disconnect…
I received few days ago a Cherry keyboard with trackpad on the side, but the trackpad is supermini, doesn’t have scroll (on Ubuntu) and the keyboard makes so much noises when typing that it seems coming directly from the URSS.

I have seen on aliexpress a keyboard with a track “ball” at the center, I have no idea how good it is… I just wanted your suggestions, considering that I have problem using a classical mouse that moves around the desk…

I have a Shinobi | TEX Electronics. I like it well enough but I find the build quality not quite on par with its price. Also, it maybe too noisy for you as it is mechanical too and, additionally, its steel base-plate rings a bit when typing. The trackpoint works well.

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