Suggestions for very quiet keyboard

Now that working from home is becoming the new normal, I would like to minimize the noise impact of late night coding on others.

I am currently using a Dell KB216 which is am satisfied with when it comes to typing and feedback, but I am wondering if I could get something even more quiet. I am primarily looking for a wired USB keyboard, preferably something I can buy in the EU, and would appreciate recommendations.


connect the phone to the pc and type on the phone…

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Probably not what you’re looking for, but I actually find the old wired apple keyboards quite nice in terms of sound and feel. Nothing like a mechanical keyboard of course, and you might have to muck with the layout since they have the command key and alt in different places, but just a thought.

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Have you tried using headphones to block the noise?

A) probably not useful to answer a totally separate question when the actual question is so clearly stated

B) the idea is clearly to protect others from the sound, not himself.


@anon37204545: The concern is noise for others, not me. @xiaodai: I am looking for a keyboard.

@kevbonham: yes, I read good things about Mac keyboards, so that’s an option.

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Try mechanical keyboard, perfect for typing. My choice is filco ninja majestouch with blue switch. You can choose silent red switch for quietness

I’ll tell you what NOT to get. A cheap Logitech keyboard. I have been yelled at for waking up the baby…I was just typing!


I can also vouch for Cherry MX silent red switches being impressively quiet, if you’re willing to spend more money than you’re probably used to on a keyboard and willing to adjust your typing a bit to adjust to the feel of linear switches. I can provide the information for the specific model I use and am happy with if you’re interested, but I didn’t really shop around and try many boards so I can’t promise it’s actually particularly good.

I’ve found that the thing that Microsoft does absolutely the best, is build keyboards :wink:

I have the previous version of the Natural/Ergonomic keyboard, not the one linked below, but I’ve used some version of their natural / ergo split keyboard since the late 1990’s when I had a bad bout of RSI.

They’ve always been good for me. They’re pretty darn quiet though probably not the quietest.


Thanks, I would appreciate specific model suggestions.

How would a keyboard Cherry MX silent red switch compare to dome membrane/scissor mechanics in terms of noise? I understand that it may be silent compared to mechanical switches, but those are already loud.

I am using a
Cherry Stream 3.0
Not expensive and quiet enough.

Since 2012, I am sold to Apple magic keyboards. Personally, I use the small wireless one

What I really like on them is that they are quite and small without additional stuff. But they are really expensive, as everything by apple.
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I have a Perixx
I used the compact model without the number pad. Works fine and is silent.


If you want to try the Cherry MX switches you can buy a switch tester

These guys carry a lof of keyboards

Cherry Red’s in general should be no more noisy than rubber dome since they’re linear switches (no clickiness or feedback). Most of the noise will come from the switch “bottoming out” which is also where most of the noise comes from with rubber dome keyboards. The “silent” cherry reds I believe work by putting some sort of damper near the bottom of key travel to make the bottoming out quieter (you can get a similar effect by installing o-rings on regular cherry mx reds). In theory they should be quieter than rubber dome switches, but I haven’t personally tried them, and ymmv.


I have a topre RealForce that is very quiet. My other main keyboard is a Matias, which has switches like on the old Apple (e.g., Apple IIgs) Alps-based keyboards. Matias makes a quiet version which seemed to have decent reviews, but I’ve never tried it, so YMMV.

Matias quiet clicks definitely aren’t quieter than rubber dome.

I second this. I was on a Teams meeting with a coworker who asked that I stop typing during our discussion because the sound was “thunderous.”


So if I learn to type w/o “bottoming out”, they should be pretty silent?

I can almost do this on my current rubber dome keyboard. I imagine that the more consistent feedback profile of the cherry red silent should make it easier.