A Unicode keyboard?

Many years ago I used Latex extensively and so had the ‘muscle memory’ for \ character sequences.
I am using Julia this afternoon and I can see how the muscle memory for \ pm TAB and characters like this can be attained.
However I had an idle though - in old times there were APL keyboards with the funny symbols for that language. I guess a Unicode keyboard would be enormous and there are different ranks (*) of Unicode.
Is there a utility which maybe present an on-screen panel of characters to choose from using a mouse?

A search reveals this keyboard. I now must have one…


Not already available, but you might be interested in https://www.nemeio.com/

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@BeastyBlacksmith Oooooh… that looks a good idea (it is a large e-ink screen with keys on top)
However 200 Euros buys a 40% discount. So this thing could cost 500 Euros? That seems very high.

I routinely use about 100–150 Unicode symbols (in addition to ASCII), mostly Greek letters and math operators. I find it much simpler to remember the \ sequence since I already use it for LaTeX, and just set up Emacs to complete/replace these. I don’t think I would be touch-typing if I had to remember where eg \varphi is — instead, I would spend 5 minutes finding it on the keyboard.

I even replaced my Android launcher with

so I can just type app names.


Another option could be using the Elgato Stream Deck. https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/stream-deck-xl

You are not limited to only have 15 or 32 buttons, but can easily create pages of buttons.

In a similar vein I would like to be able to to \alpha<tab> across Windows applications because I keep going to the REPL or Pluto to type μm or similar and then copy/paste back to Teams, Outlook, etc.

I didn’t find exactly what I wanted but I did add a Greek keyboard which can be switched in and out by <left-shift><alt> key combo or an icon on the taskbar. It doesn’t get me the math operators or set stuff though.

In Windows 10, by pressing Windows key + semicolon (;) or period (.) a small window pops up that allows selecting and entering Greek letters and other symbols directly into the application in focus (REPL or other).