Stuck trying to register updates

guys, this is the situation:

  1. when I first registered, the version was 1.0.0-alpha, which might be a little strange
  2. I tried 1.0.0 pull but it didn’t tell me the reason it failed to merge, and I didn’t understand the ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: first argument must be strictly less than the second argument thing. So I carefully read the guidelines and guessed that 1.0.0-alpha=>1.0.0 might not be considered a new(+1) version.
  3. just now i tried 1.1.0 pull, but it says “version 1.1.0 skips over 1.0.0” (seems there’s no other errors), so I’m just stuck here.

so what’s wrong with the package and how shall I solve this?

Just read source code of RegistryCI, might be that fault… Let me write an issue…

It was a mistake that RegistryCI allowed the pre-release version. Cf Bug fix: restore the "no prerelease" versions check; we never meant to remove it by DilumAluthge · Pull Request #450 · JuliaRegistries/RegistryCI.jl · GitHub.