Stuck at starting/restarting kernel in jupyterlab

I can still use julia 1.2.0 kernel on JupyterLab this morning. When I take my laptop back home, the kernel stuck at starting/restarting like this:

The kernel keeps starting or restarting, and I can’t execute any code. Could anybody help me?

I am using OSX.

Maybe restart jupyterlab. Could be a network issue if you are not using .
Also calling ]build IJulia and restarting jupyter can help sometimes.
Using Julia 1.3-rc3 I had problems with really long compile times in jupyter.

Thanks! The kernel starts perfectly when I go back to school. I’ve tried restarting jupyter and rebuilding IJulia at home but none of which work. I am not sure if it is a network issue or not. Thanks for your reply anyway.