Kernel continuously restarted in Mac OS X + Jupyter + Julia 0.5

Hello everyone

I am using Mac OS X 10.12.1

I downloaded Julia 0.5.dmg from the website, and put into Applications folder.

Then I started julia-0.5 app, and typed:


The build failed at installing Nettle.

I also installed jupyter 4.2.0 with anaconda (python 2.7)\

conda install jupyter

Now I used

jupyter notebook

and started a Jupyter notebook with julia as the kernel.

The problem now is the kernel will continuously restart. It reported that “the kernel about having die” and asked me to restart the kernel, and in fact I could not do anything.

What is the correct way to install IJulia and use it with Jupyter?

Thanks a lot,

I suggest you do the following:

ENV["PYTHON"] = ""
ENV["JUPYTER"] = """PyCall")"IJulia")

This will install local Python and Jupyter distributions that are used only by the relevant Julia packages, and has a higher chance (?) of having versions that interact well with each other.

If this does not work, you will need to show the actual error messages you get.

See also the debugging suggestions on the IJulia page.