StructuralIdentifiability Package Installation Failure

The StructuralIdentifiability package cannot be installed correctly because the following dependencies fail. I use Julia 1.10.2

in expression starting at stdin:3
✗ BinaryProvider
✗ CxxWrap
✗ Singular
✗ GroebnerBasis
✗ StructuralIdentifiability
0 dependencies successfully precompiled in 17 seconds. 43 already precompiled

Can you share the output of import Pkg; Pkg.status() ?

Here is the output:

  [b0b7db55] ComponentArrays v0.15.10
  [0c46a032] DifferentialEquations v7.13.0
  [31c24e10] Distributions v0.25.107
  [af5da776] GlobalSensitivity v2.5.0
  [2b0e0bc5] LanguageServer v4.5.1
  [961ee093] ModelingToolkit v9.4.0
  [bac558e1] OrderedCollections v1.6.3
  [91a5bcdd] Plots v1.40.2
  [33c8b6b6] ProgressLogging v0.1.4
  [8a4e6c94] QuasiMonteCarlo v0.3.3
⌃ [220ca800] StructuralIdentifiability v0.1.0
  [10745b16] Statistics v1.10.0

I am not sure what happened but after a Windows update, Julia crushed and I had to re-install everything.


0.1.0 is a rather old version. You can try add StructuralIdentifiability@0.5 in Pkg mode to get the latest version.