ERROR: expected package `PkgAuthentication [4722fa14]` to be registered

Hello, I was using JuliaPro v1.4.0 on Windows 10. I was trying to install a package but the REPL got stuck so I interrupted it. Since then I’m no longer able to install any package due to this error. Did I break something? Is there a any way to fix it?


Hello,did it have been solved?

I didn’t hear anything, so I just reinstalled the latest version.

Did it solved this problem after re-installing?

I actually switched to vanilla Julia + Atom. But I believe if you just reinstall latest version JuliaPro that will also do.

I reinstalled what ends up being one version up, 1.4.2-1, and that resolved the problem.

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I can resolve by desinstalling Julia, erase the folder .julia (C:\Users\HP.julia in my case) and re installing