Strip symbolic function for variables and make it an array of symbols

Hey again

I am still a bit new to symbolic math in Julia (SymEngine.jl), so please excuse my ignorance - I have a case as such:

X(x,y) =  [1 x y x*y]
Xᶜ     =  [1 x y x*y] #\^c

Where I need X as both a function of symbolic variables and as an array holding symbolic variables. I know that it is possible to do a command as such:

X2 = lambdify(Xᶜ, [x,y])

Where I can go from a symbolic array to a function - so my question is, can I do it the other way around? Can I start with a symbolic function and then “strip” all variables away, so it becomes an array?

In the end, the way I go does not matter too much, I would just like to learn if going the other way is possible.

Kind regards