Streaming data as images/video over the web

Say I have a 800*800 Matrix that is updated a few times a second, and can be represented as a raster image.

What is the simplest way of streaming that over the web?

We are looking to build a web client to explore our simulations. Using a framework like Blink that can be local or on the web seems perfect, but I’m not sure how to actually handle the image updating.

For a tiny matrix like that, and only updating it a few times a second,
and just the one of them.

I wouldn’t bother touching the julia webstack, not worth the effort.
I’ld just be using a normal file based webserver, like nginx or Apache 2.
And writing it to disk in a a location that that webserver serves up, e.g. (depending on your configuration) /var/www or ~/public-html


I will probably have to touch the webstack anyway for InteractBase… But you’re right writing to a file could be the simplest in some ways.

At higher frame-rates/larger array sizes what would you do?

Also, ultimately I would like this to “just work” as part of a generalised modelling framework - as one of the output options, so all-julia solutions that remove the need for nginx setup etc are actually better.

Um well ha hard disk does at very least 80MB/s write .
Lets halve that to just start with so 40MB/s cos it got to be read too.
Lets half that again that for overhead.
So 20MB/s?

Your array is about 2MB